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    The hotel has established rules for the safety and comfort of our guests. We ask that you please cooperate and comply with them as defined in Article 10 of the General Terms & Conditions for Accommodation. Please note that guests who refuse to comply will be refused accommodation at the hotel facilities and buildings, and in some cases may be liable for damages caused.

    1.Use of Guest Rooms

    1. Please take a look at the evacuation route maps placed on the door of each room.
    2. Persons not on the guest list are not allowed to stay at the hotel.
    3. Guests under the age of 18 will be turned away without permission from their legal guardians. Permission slips from legal guardians are required individually for all such guests. [ Permission of Stay Form (PDF) ]
    4. Please refrain from bothering or causing unease for other guests whether due to diminished capacity, drug use, or alcohol consumption.
    5. Please note that long-term stays do not create legal rights regarding residence.

    2. Rules to Prevent Fire Disasters

    1. The hotel is strictly non-smoking anywhere outside the smoking booth. (The Guest confirmed to have smoked in locations other than the smoking booth will be charged a deodorizing fee of 50,000 yen)
    2. Please refrain from using candles or fire for heating or cooking in the guest rooms or halls without the hotel's permission.
    3. Please refrain from any other activities that can be considered fire hazards.
    4. Please refrain from tampering with fire prevention equipment as it may impact overall safety.

    3. Security Rules

    If you receive a knock on your door, please open it after closing the door latch. Please note that the following activities are strictly forbidden in guest rooms.

    1. Usage other than lodging accommodations.
    2. Meeting with visitors. Please use the lobby to meet visitors.
    3. Hanging pictures or posters on the guest room windows, or putting up any other items that cause damage to the hotel's appearance.

    4. Custody of Valuables

    The hotel will not accept money at any time other than for transaction purposes. Guests are asked to keep their valuables and personal items with them at all times. The reception desk may be unable to hold any valuables that do not fit in the safe in the guest room. Please inquire at the reception desk and inform the staff of the item and its value. No compensation will be given for valuables left with permission at the reception desk unless it can be proved that these items were lost or damaged due to intention or fault of the hotel.
    Please see the following list for items the hotel cannot hold at the reception desk.

    1. Cash, ATM cards, bank booklets, and all other items pertaining to money.
    2. Equipment with information recording devices (computers, cell phones, other IT devices)
    3. Items dealing with personal information (customer lists, etc.)

    5. Handling of Guest Room Key Cards

    1. Please be sure your room is locked whenever you leave the room during your stay.
    2. Please be sure to close the door latch whenever you are in the room and before you go to sleep.
    3. Guests are responsible for looking after their own room keys whenever they go out. The reception desk cannot hold on to your key for you.
    4. Please inform the staff at the reception desk if you have lost your room key. Be aware that you may be charged for a replacement key.

    6. Use of Parking

    1. The hotel does not have its own parking lot, so please make use of nearby parking locations.
    2. Please refrain from leaving valuables or other belongings in your vehicle while it is parked. The hotel is not responsible for items lost or stolen from any parking lot.
    3. Please be aware that the hotel staff cannot offer any valet parking services.

    7. Payment

    1. Payments can be made by cash or by approved forms of tickets, travel checks, vouchers, credit cards, or other methods approved by the Hotel.
    2. In instances in which someone other than the guest staying at the hotel is meant to pay for the cost, if payment is not made by the required date, the guest may be asked to pay directly instead.

    8. Breakfast Tickets, Meal Vouchers

    1. No refunds will be granted for unused breakfast tickets or meal vouchers.

    9. Special Tickets/Discount Tickets

    1. No refunds will be granted for special tickets or discount vouchers issued by the hotel.

    10. Tattoos

    Guests with tattoos including temporary tattoo stickers, regardless of size or location, are not allowed to use the hotel's public bath. However, those who can cover the entirety of their tattoos with the covering pads offered at the reception desk may use the facilities.

    11. Housekeeping During the Stay

    1. Housekeeping is provided from 9:00 to 14:00. Please ask for housekeeping by 13:00.
    2. Your luggage may be moved for cleaning purposes.
    3. Leftover drinks in glasses (cups) will be disposed of and glasses (cups) will be washed for hygiene purposes.
    4. Items in the waste basket, empty meal boxes and drink bottles placed nearby the waste basket, used tissue paper, consumable goods provided by the hotel, and other items regarded as trash will be disposed.
    5. For hygiene purposes, guest rooms are cleaned once every 3 days.

    12. Other Important Rules

    1. Guests are not allowed to bring anything that will inconvenience or disturb others such as dogs, cats, birds, other animals, flammable or flame producing items, things with strong odors, or anything else prohibited by law into the hotel facilities.
    2. Guests are asked to refrain from raising their voice, singing, fighting, gambling, acting in any way that does not follow appropriate etiquette or impacts safety, or behave in any other way that disturbs other guests.
    3. Guests are asked to refrain from using the guest rooms, lobby, or any other area for commercial purposes (exhibitions, advertisements, promotions, sales) unless explicitly permitted by the hotel.
    4. Please do not make any changes to the current state of the facilities or equipment, and refrain from using them for anything but their designated purposes.
    5. Please do not display or leave items on the guest room windows, balcony, in the hallway, or in the hotel lobby.
    6. Please refrain from entering the hotel wearing wooden sandals, rubber boots, roller skates, roller blades, or other such footwear.
    7. Please do not have food delivered from outside of the hotel.
    8. Please refrain from using the public baths while intoxicated.
    9. Please only wear the provided indoor-wear in the front lobby, guest rooms, and public bath. Do not wear the indoor-wear when visiting the 1st or 2nd floors.
    10. We ask that you help our efforts to preserve natural resources by paying mind to power and water saving.