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    Our staffs, who are self-trained and skilled
    just like the “Nagasaki Concierge”,
    know the back streets of the Tsukimachi area
    like the back of their hand. They will gladly
    introduce you to an unique way to enjoy
    our hotel and its surroundings.
    Nagasaki has a rich history of cultural exchanges and close connections with foreign countries since the Edo period, being the only city in Japan that was authorized to trade with the world at the time. Our hotel is located in the Tsukimachi area (築町), a small district that was built and established in 1571 when Japan freshly opened the port – as its name suggests, a “built-town” (築く - kizuku, meaning “to build” in Japanese).
    There are many walking paths and spots where you can feel the passage of time – from the intermittent Stone Wall Remains behind the hotel dating from the opening of the port in the 16th century, the Kenkazaka where the Nagasaki version of the 47 ronin fight took place, to more famous sightseeing spots such as Dejima and the Spectacle Bridge Meganebashi.
    For locals, Tsukimachi is mainly associated to its food market scene. There are many long-established stores specializing in local products such as whale meat, kamaboko (fishcake), karasumi (fish eggs) as well as dried food. The stores are visually appealing and offer a wide selection of products. It is the perfect area to experience the food culture of Nagasaki.

    Neighborhood Tour

    Take part in a unique tour to visit the hotel neighborhood with one of our staff. Upon arrival, you can gather some information on the hotel vicinity, then have a 30-minute walk around with one of our staff to learn more about the area. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay even more by experiencing Tsukimachi at its fullest!


    Tours are currently held irregularly.
    Please check the information inside the elevator or do not hesitate to inquire the front desk.

    Application Deadline by 10:00PM on the day before the tour (same-day application can be made if there is a vacancy)
    Minimum Number of Participants / Capacity Minimum 1 person / Up to 4 persons
    Guide Fee Free
    Meeting Time 5:00PM 3rd floor
    Duration 30 minutes approximately
    Departure Time 5:00PM

    A Back Street Stroll (Youtube video)

    A bit away from Tsukimachi bubbly area, take a stroll in the back streets for a change of scenery. There you can feel the nostalgia of the Showa era by walking through the narrow alleys filled with various little shops. We wish we could give you the tour in person...!
    Well for now our staff made a video recommending a nice path to walk along to discover those unique back streets. Do not hesitate to ask the front desk about the places you would be interested in – we will gladly advise the best directions!

    Hotel Events

    Introducing events hold by our hotel staff or by locals.

    No Current Event

    Saruku Tour

    Sightseeing buses and taxi tours are a nice way to discover the city, but why not trying out to “saruku” - or “wander around” in Nagasaki dialect. Walking around with a pamphlet in one hand and exploring the city on your own could be as exciting. We will gladly show you a few walking courses that can be taken from the hotel. Feel free to ask a staff about the contents and access.

    Nagasaki Saruku Website

    Machinaka Downtown Courses


    Settlement Course

    Hotel → Streetcar


    Bay Area Course

    Hotel → Walk, Streetcar


    Downtown Course

    Hotel → Walk


    Hanamachi Course

    Hotel → Walk


    Ryoma and Teramachi Course

    Hotel → Streetcar, Bus


    Nagasaki Highway Course

    Hotel → Streetcar

    Access From the Hotel

    We provide information on frequently-asked transportation and directions.

    ■ For Passengers using Nagasaki Streetcars

    One-day Streetcar Tickets are sold at the front desk.

    ■ Car Rentals around the hotel

    ■ Mt. Inasa Observatory

    Mt. Inasa is reachable by city bus and then using the ropeway or slopecar. Get on the city bus at the Chuobashi stop, about a minute-walk from the hotel.
    It is also reachable by car. There is a free parking lot around mid-way to the top of the mountain. From there you can access the summit by either using the ropeway or climbing up by foot (about 800m, 15 minutes).

    ■ Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

    Our city aquarium is specialized in penguins and is popular with both children and adults.

    ■ Airport Bus