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    Public Bath

    Available at no additional charge for all hotel guests.
    Tsuki no Yu
    Tsuki no Yu
    Tsuki no Yu
    Tsuki no Yu
    Tsuki no Yu
    Tsuki no Yu
    Location:11F (top floor)
    Opening Hours:16:00 - 02:00 / 5:00 - 10:00
    Facility:Indoor Bath, Outdoor Baths (Silky Bath, Lie-Down Bath)
    Location:11F (Top Floor)
    Open:16:00 ~ 24:00 / 5:00 ~ 10:00
    Indoor bath, outdoor baths (silky bath, lie-down bath)
    hotel H2's bathroom amenities (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) contain many plant extracts.
    The notes (fragrance) are a blend of bergamot, geranium, and cedarwood with a mandarin base, which gradually change from a refreshing citrus scent to an herbal, woody, mature scent that relaxes your mind and body.

    Shampoo / Conditionner / Body Wash 250ml each

    1500 yen (tax incl.) a bottle

    Enjoy hotel quality at home.
    Bottles are available for purchase at the front desk. Home delivery is also available on cash-on-delivery COD (shipping fees not included in the above price). If you wish to place an order, contact us with your name, shipping address, contact information and product reference (type, quantity) to the following email address. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

    The dressing room is equipped with hand soap and a hair dryer.
    Guests who are intoxicated or have tattoos are not permitted to use or enter the baths. This does not apply to people with covered-up tattoos. We can provide up to 2 covering pads per guest (pad size: approx. 10cm × 15cm). Please ask at the front desk should you need them to use the public bath.
    For security reason, the women’s public bath entrance is locked and requires a PIN code (touch panel). The code will be given at the reception desk.
    Heading to the public bath in room wears and slippers on is allowed. There are no towels at the public bath so we kindly ask guests to bring it from their room.
    In accordance to the hygiene management guidelines of the hospitality business, children aged over 7 years old are asked to use their respective facilities (men / women baths).