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    The “Nagasaki Concierge, as they call themselves,”
    staff who knows everything about
    the Tsukimachi area and its back streets
    will introduce unique ways to enjoy the hotel.
    Tsukimachi in Nagasaki, which was in close connection with foreign countries during the Edo period and inherited a history of cultural exchange, is the town where the hotel is located. As its name suggests, the town was reclaimed after Japan opened its ports in 1571.
    There are many suitable walking spots where you can feel the passage of time, including the intermittent "stone wall remains" behind the hotel from when the port opened in the 16th century, "Kenkazaka" from the Nagasaki version of the 47 Ronin, and the famous sightseeing spots “Dejima” and “Meganebashi.”
    For the locals, “Tsukimachi” is known as a market associated with food. There are many long-established stores in the area specializing in products such as whale meat, kamaboko, karasumi, and dried foods. The stores are visually appealing and offer a wide selection of products. It is the perfect area to experience the food culture of Nagasaki.

    Neighborhood tour

    A tour which you can visit the neighborhood with the hotel staff. Upon arriving at the hotel, you can first gather information on the hotel vicinity. Enjoy your stay even more by taking a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood with the hotel staff.


    This tour is currently unavailable.

    Application deadline By 10:00p.m. on the day before the tour (same-day participation is also available when there is a vacancy)
    Minimum number of participants / capacity Minimum 1 person / no more than 4 people
    Guide fee Free
    Meeting time 5:00p.m. 3rd floor lobby (side closest to the national highway)
    Duration Approximately 30 minutes
    Departure time 5:00 p.m.

    A town stroll (YouTube video)

    Leave Tsukimachi and go for a walk in the back streets. You can feel the nostalgia of the Showa era just by walking through the various shops that crowd the narrow alleys unique to Nagasaki. We would love to guide you in person, but...
    Instead, our hotel staff made a video introducing the recommended places to walk to. Please ask the front desk staff directly for directions to any places you are interested in.

    Inside hotel events

    Events organized by hotel staff and locals.

    No events are currently being held.


    Guided sightseeing buses and taxis are efficient too, but we also recommend you "saruku" (dialect: wander around) the city.
    Feel free to take a pamphlet and explore on your own or with a guide. We will introduce some walking courses that are accessible from the hotel. Please feel free to ask the staff about course contents and access. 

    Nagasaki Saruku website

    Machinaka (downtown) course


    Settlement Course

    Hotel → streetcar


    Bay Area Course

    Hotel → walk, streetcar


    Downtown Course

    Hotel → walk


    Hanamachi Course

    Hotel → walk


    Ryoma + Teramachi Course

    Hotel → streetcar,
    fixed-route bus


    Nagasaki Hihtway Course

    Hotel → streetcar

    Access from the hotel

    We provide information on frequently-used transportation and directions.

    ■ For Nagasaki streetcar passengers

    One-day streetcar tickets are sold at the front desk.

    ■ Car rental near the hotel

    ■ Mt. Inasa Observatory

    If going directly by fixed-route bus

  • Please use the Chuobashi bus stop which is a 1-minute walk from the hotel (in front of Higo Bank, *20-minutes, 180 yen one way).
    Take line 5 (1 train bound for Mt. Inasa every 30 to 60 minutes) and get off at the last station "Mt. Inasa hillside (Inasayama Chufuku)."
  • You can also access the summit observatory by riding the slope car for a fee or walking along the promenade (about 800m, 15 minutes on foot).
  • ■ Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

    An aquarium specializing in penguins, which is very popular with children.

    ■ Airport bus