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    Trade Law

    Business Operator H2 Co., Ltd
    URL https://hotel-h2.jp/
    Representative President & CEO Masujiro Higuchi
    Address Nagasakiekimae Daiichi Seimei Building, 2-3
    Nishizakamachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-8585
    Tel No. 095-820-5800
    Method of Application Reservations can be made through our website.
    Reservation Completion Period For any reservations made via our site, a reservation is complete once the confirmation screen appears for the customer.
    For reservations paid in advance via credit card, reservations are complete once the credit card transaction is finished.
    Payment Method Online Reservations: Payments are made via credit card once the reservation is finalized.
    Paid at Reception: Payments must be made by either cash or credit card.
    Payment Period Payments are made at check in.
    Cancellation Fees 1 Day Before Stay: 20% of the cost of stay
    Day of stay: 80% of the cost of the stay until 14:00, 100% after 14:00.
    Unannounced No-show: 100% the price of stay
    Please see the Terms & Conditions regarding reservations for 10 rooms or more.
    Refunds We cannot offer refunds after a stay.
    Contact info@hotel-h2.jp