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    About Guest Rooms
    Do you have smoking and non-smoking rooms?
    All of our guest rooms are non-smoking. Please use the smoking booth on the 1st floor.
    Can extra beds be added to the guest rooms?
    We do not offer extra beds.
    Do you have connected rooms?
    We offer a connected Smart Double and Twin Room.
    Please refer to [ Room Types ] for further details.
    Do you have handicap accessible rooms?
    We have one Twin Room (with two 120cm wide beds) available.
    Do the rooms have internet access?
    We offer free wired and Wi-Fi internet access.
    What are the guest rooms equipped with?
    All rooms have LCD TVs, air conditioners with air cleaning capabilities, hair dryers, and electric kettles.
    Please refer to [ Room Types ] for further details.
    What amenities are there in the guest rooms?
    The rooms are stocked with two-piece indoor-wear, towels (bath & face), shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap. Toothbrushes, razors, hairbrushes, body towels, makeup remover, cotton swabs, tea, and other such items can be acquired at your leisure from beside the reception desk.
    Do you have humidifiers?
    Rental humidifiers are available on each floor from the rental booth.
    Do you have trouser presses?
    Rental trouser presses are available on each floor from the rental booth.
    Do you have cribs?
    We do not have cribs, but we do offer bed guard rails (for children age 2 and up). These are only available via reservation, so please contact the hotel directly. We do not offer rentals without reservation for safety reasons.
    *Bed guard rails cannot be installed in Minimal Single, Minimal Double or Bunk rooms.
    *It is possible to sleep without bed guard rails in Smart Single rooms, one of the beds in twin rooms and some double rooms as one side of the bed is against the wall.
    Do you offer child amenities?
    Child-size toothbrushes and slippers are provided for children. A limited number is available, but feel free to ask a staff would you require them.